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NOTE: We are not in control or responsible for the content or advertising on these sites (which means they can change at any time). Please contact us immediately if there is a problem with anything below. All who have altruistic motivation for making some software free depend on YOUR input to keep it safe for everyone.

Anti-Virus and Security

Microsoft Security Essentuals – free from Microsoft

AVG Anti-virus **(Anti-virus by Grisoft)

Clam Win **(Licensed by the Free Software Foundation)

Zone Alarm **(A firewall by Zone Labs)

Ad-aware **(anti-adware – gets rid of those pesky ads from nowhere)

SpyBot Search & Destroy **
(A tool to detect and remove spyware)

On-line Virus removal**
Trend Micro’s (makers of PC-cillin) free on-line virus scanner

Stinger Stand-alone virus removal tool **
Free from McAfee… (Just download, save and run from your computer)

Symantec virus removal tools **
(Free from the makers of Norton Anti-virus. These specifically target those hard to remove bad bugs)

Utilities (Useful and for fun)

 Use ** Open Office similar to Microsoft Office© (some consider better)

IMGburn LogoAfter using Nero and it messed up my system’s ability to burn DVDs and CDs.
I tried about 5 diferent tools ImgBurn was the best. It has a lot of features and it was totaly free.
Just be careful not to download this program from links that do not
originate from the developer’s site as this program has been the target of trojans.

KompoZer **Web site development tool (Think Frontpage but better)

Winzip **Opens or creates those compressed files

Trillian **(Multi IM/Chat interface supports Yahoo, MSN, and AOL in the same window)
Note: some claim the free version has ad ware so install Ad-Aware first (but it definitely beats the bugs in AOL-IM)

Acid express **(Build your own techno)

The Gimp** (for windows) A Photoshop like program for Graphics

IRFANVIEW **(A Graphics viewer but much more)
IRFANVIEW Plug-ins **(Plug-ins to other programs for the above)

Mozilla Browser **
(This is used as a way to avoid Viruses on web pages. It is as good as Internet Explorer)
Check for compatibility with your system first **

FireFox ** (Browser referred to from above)

PRIMO PDF Makes PDF files for free (Had one positive feedback… no negatives as yet)

Educational – Reference

GCompris ** is an educational software providing different activities to children from 2 to 10 years old.

Merriam-Webster Online **(The dictionary that weighed 20 Lbs now on-line)

W3 Schools **(A free tutorials on web technologies, some basic)

parental controls** (popular with parents and concerned spouses)

E-Sword **(Bible Study software)

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It is important to deal with any Virus or Spyware on your system
Get rid of Viruses, Trojans, Malware, and Spyware

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