The bottom line is you will save money if we work for you. With our VERY reasonable rates we can provide a way to; keep productive, have equipment that is both dependable and lasts longer.

When a problem occurs and we come out ABC Computers will also try to go the extra distance in working out how to take preventive measures to minimize the risk of the same computer problem happening again.

Regarding free stuff for your computer there is a lot to consider.

The old adage is that nothing is for free. This is not completely true however. As a promotional idea to sell products, many places give away free samples like you would get at Costco. The same principal is true of a few things on the Internet as well.


We say a few because there are a lot of things to download for free but many have a hidden cost the offering party does not tell you.


Without the advise of someone who has experience with a multitude of caveats online, many users are like small children left alone to play at a park where random strangers are continually showing up.


Sadly, there are more people giving away things that will essentially poison your computer than help it. A prime example is a Trojan Horse Virus disguised as an anti-virus. A pop up appears on a website asking you to “Click here for your free anti-virus update.” You click on the yes or anywhere in the popup and you loose control of your browser, your desktop, or you’re your system in general.


The cost then comes to the repairs to get everything in working order, restore your files, and gain control of your computer back.


To the left is a link for FREE STUFF,  these are free (and a couple of tryout for free) items that we have tested. NOTE: We are not in control or responsible for the content or advertising on these sites (which means they can change at any time). Please contact us immediately if there is a problem with anything below. All who have altruistic motivation for making some software free depend on YOUR input to keep it safe for everyone.

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It is important to deal with any Virus or Spyware on your system
Get rid of Viruses, Trojans, Malware, and Spyware

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